Saturday, April 22, 2006

Katamari Damacy Creator Not Showing Interest in the Nintendo Revolution

Are you excited about the Revolution and its controller? Keita Takahashi, creator of the quirky roll-any-random-item-into-a-ball simulator, Katamari Damacy, sure isn’t.

"I'm not really interested in it. I don't think a controller should have that much influence on the enjoyment of games."

This means nothing to me since its coming from the creator of Katamari Damacy, who doesn’t normally play video games on a regular basis (he apparently finds most of the games out there boring). Also, I found Katamari Damacy to be highly overrated. Sure, it was unique, quirky, and interesting, but hardly fun. Even though I feel this way, I still think it would be the type of game thats game play would be greatly enhanced if played with Nintendo’s Revolution controller (Wouldn’t the tilt sensor be a perfect fit for this type of game?).

Also, before you let this quote above process deep into your brain, let it be known that Takahashi is not very fond of the Nintendo DS, and most of us would agree that the system is the best handheld on the market right now (I think it’s far superior to Sony’s PSP).

In the end though, we’ll just have to use the controller and play the system for ourselves when Nintendo actually releases the Revolution sometime this year. Right now though I think that the controller will be a great break from the norm, and that the Revolution will finally kick start my interest in the next-gen (as the Xbox 360 currently hasn’t).


At 3:52 PM, Blogger gnome said...

Great post ross. Really great. And may I add, that a game's designer doesn't (unfortunetely) make decisions regarding platform releases, localisations etc..

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