Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Legend of Zelda: Doodle Dungeons Will Be a Possible Revolution Launch Title

Now, I’ve enjoyed many of Nintendo’s innovative ideas throughout the years, but sometimes I don’t know what in the world they’re thinking. This would be one of those moments. Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s widely-known head guru of Nintendo, has recently announced what is a “Possible Revolution launch title”. It’s a new Legend of Zelda title. No, they’re not porting the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to the Revolution. It’s a totally new idea, unlike any other Zelda game we’ve seen to date. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Legend of Zelda: Doodle Dungeons.

Yes, you heard that right. Doodle Dungeons (though that is just a working title). Announced about a week ago, it utilizes the ‘tilt’ feature in the Revolution controller to draw outlines through enemies and solve ‘art-puzzles’ with it as well. What “art-puzzles” are is beyond me, but Miyamoto says “These new [art puzzles] will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced”. The other part of the Revolution controller which was dubbed “the Nun chuck” will also be used to change directions on the doodles.

Miyamoto said it will have more of a “puzzle game” feel (as in Tetris-like) that other Zelda titles, saying that “You will want to play through story mode… however, working on outlines in a separate mode and trying to break other people’s records will play a bigger role in the game experience, such as classic puzzlers like Tetris were”.

So, basically, this is a “draw an outline through an enemy with an innovative controller” simulation. It sounds way too shallow of a game to me, and like many other launch games through history, will serve very little purpose other than showing off what the system may be able to do at launch. I have to ask, “Do you like titling things and drawing outlines”? This sounds like a mess to me, but heres what Nintendo had to say to the haters and doubters:

“Many of our ideas… dating back to the Famicon days, were doubted… including another game in the [Zelda] series, ‘The Wind Waker’. However, I’m 120% sure this will be a huge hit, and will bring Revolution consoles into people’s homes. Even if the game is very simple, its innovative beyond anything we’ve seen to date on the other guy’s consoles….”.

So Miyamoto just admitted it’s a shallow game? Wow. Does anyone know what that man is thinking? Game play is more important that simple innovation and drawing outlines through characters just doesn’t sound exciting to me. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you think about this.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger Tomleecee said...

hmmm...april fools joke?! =D

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Ender said...

"Miyamoto says 'These new [art puzzles] will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced'.

Hey, guess what? I've also never painted with my own shit, but I'm pretty sure that it's not something I want to experience. Miyamoto seems to get a tad full of himself sometimes, like nothing he touches can be sucky. Wrong, kind sir.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger gnome said...

Still... it is a funny title. Perhaps the guy's getting self-sarcastic??


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