Sunday, January 28, 2007

PS2 - Still Alive and Kickin'.

Still can’t quite shell out the cash for a pricy next-gen console? Sure, you’ll be missing oodles of great new games (just to rub it in a bit… heh heh), but if you own a PS2 (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll still be able to experience some of the most intriguing games the system has ever had to offer. While the Xbox and Gamecube were sent to early graves months ago and now lack any new releases as of late, here’s what you’ll find on the PS2 during the upcoming months:

Persona 3

A part of the Shin Megami Tensei chronicle, Persona 3 is a mature, deep role-playing game and is a sequel to two overlooked PSX role-playing games, titled Persona and Persona 2, appropriately enough. Similar to the two previously installments you take place in school as a student, but in addition to studying and socializing with other classmates you will enjoy all the demon-slaying action, this time now with acceptable visuals. Persona 3 also features a spiffy art style that will definitely grab any anime fans attention. Already released in Japan, Persona 3 is set to hit U.S. shores this June.

Lumines Plus

Lumines Plus is essentially a carbon-copy of the original PSP hit, save for a few insignificant enhancements. Still, when you’re talking about one of the most highly regarded puzzle games of the last few years, does that really matter? Maybe it will, as I feel that puzzle games are more suited for handhelds than consoles, and Liberty City Stories, which was a fine portable title, bored me when it was re-released on PS2. Anyway, enough of my bickering, and expect what many call the greatest game on PSP to release at an unbeatable budget price.

Tomb Raider Anniversary


If that was your initial response after seeing the screen shot shown above, then you are both very observant and correct. To celebrate Tomb Raider’s 10+ year anniversary, Eidos will be re-releasing the original smash-hit. It won’t just be receiving a simple flashy visual make-over, either. The game mechanics will be completely re-worked, meaning that you won’t have to deal with clunky controls as in the (now almost unplayable) original. With new puzzles being added as well, Tomb Raider Anniversary should be a treat for long-time series fans.

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix

Similar to how Tomb Raider fans will be drooling with the release of Tomb Raider Anniversary, hardcore Kingdom Hearts fans will be in heaven when Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix hits stateside. In addition to adding exciting new boss battles and fresh new weapons, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix will also contain and upgraded full-3D version of the mildly-received GBA title ‘Chain of Memories’. Despite thoroughly enjoying the original Kingdom Hearts, I managed to pass up the sequel. However, at the announcement of this ultimate version, I now have no reason to regret doing so.

God of War II

Most of the games featured in this article are either re-makes or re-releases, but God of War stands out from the pack as a fully-featured, epic big-budget sequel to the massive original hit. This makes you wonder: how long will it take for this series to hit the PS3, or will Dave Jaffe (the man behind this game) create a whole new title similar to this from the ground-up? Only time will tell.

MVP NCAA Baseball 07

Alright, international Pro-Gamer readers can stop reading this article right now, because I know you have no interest in America’s favorite pastime. For those of you still here, EA’s incredible MVP NCAA Baseball franchise will return this season with new hitting and pitching features, along with some minor improved mechanics from last time. It might not sound like much, but when you’re talking about the series that gave the sports genre the serious kick in the ass it needed in 2004 (when the MVP series debuted), I know you’ll be running to your store to pick this one up when it hits this February.


At 8:21 PM, Blogger Wedge14 said...

I haven't given up on my baby yet!!!

*Hugs his ps2*

At 8:57 PM, Blogger The Elderly said...

not dead by a long shot... lara.... (lost in reverie....)

At 8:50 AM, Anonymous RC said...

Great post. Love 'em or hate 'em, Sony seems to support their older consoles until the last gasp (there were even a few new PS1 titles released last year!)

Oh, yeah: Your link to gamerC's blog is off a bit. It should be:

At 11:46 AM, Blogger fatherkrishna said...

Another fine article Ross. It's the Tomb Raider news that has got me most excited. I've just been playing the original on the Saturn (I know, I know I must be the only gamer on the planet that has missed out on this experience...)

Other recent games I'm enjoying playing are Michael Jackson's Moonwalker on the Master System (honest!)plus VF4 (Yay!) and RE4 on the PS2... Now having been a committed Sega fanboy for some time, it's only within the last few weeks that I have allowed myself to explore the PS2 (the kids have one but I always snubbed it for the DC).

Playing the PS2 is like having a next gen experience for me... (LOL!)

At 1:17 PM, Blogger gnome said...

Quite alive, very cheap and with so many games no console will ever come close to actually competing with it... And you get Okami, ICO and Colossus... Oh, and lovely ross posts too.


At 10:27 AM, Blogger Rosewarrior said...

It's a great post. It's good to see you show the PS2 some love. It's still got a lot of life in it. I know I'm going to buy God of War II, not sure about KHII:Final Mix though.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger AbbyShot said...

We're just waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3!
More Organization XIII please!

Once we heard the news, we had to celebrate with a funny picture.

Check it out on our blog!

Keep up the great writing,


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Jeremy said...

Some other games worth mention.
Mostly RPGs

-Atelier Iris 3
-Odin Sphere
-Soul Nomad
-Wild Arms 5
-Grim Grimoire


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