Sunday, March 19, 2006

GBA Player's Choice titles to hit the U.S. in May

Although Nintendo ran a “Player’s Choice” line of games for the original brick Game Boy, reducing the prices on games for the system at about $10, the Player’s Choice value line for Game Boy games has been mysteriously absent for two generations now (Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance). Well, Nintendo will be finally fixing that. In May, Nintendo will release three of their best-selling GBA titles, ‘Super Mario Advance’, ‘Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island’, and ‘Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga’ for ten dollars less than the usual retail prices.

Although this is very good news for those who haven’t picked up these portable classics yet, I still find the announcement a little weak. While $20 is a fairly good price, it isn’t a huge price drop compared to the ones we have seen on the main consoles. $10-$15 would be much better price points for these titles, but oh well. Nintendo would still move units on these even if it was a $2 price drop (Or maybe even a price increase. Have you checked out eBay lately? Morons have been shelling out more than $60 for copies of Classic Super Mario Bros. on the GBA). I’ll also finally be able to pick up Yoshi’s Island for a reasonable price (I simply refuse to pay $26 for a used cart-only copy at the local game store). Oh, and be prepared to hear lots of bitching from the hardcore collectors about that yellow Player’s Choice bar that’ll probably be slapped on the packaging once these games hit the shelves in their newly-reduced prices, but in the meantime, check out mine and PDoor3's rather ugly mocked-up image of the box-art in the upper left corner on this article.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Josh Miller said...

Those ugly colored bars always annoy the hell out of me on “Greatest Hits” style games. At least the PS2 GH have a more subdued Maroon color. Those ugly green bars of the PS1 are lame.


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