Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hey, That's Not the Real Pikachu...

It's been nearly a decade since the Pokemon craze was at its peak in the U.S., but despite the cards and endless amount of toys essentially fading out in popularity, the games still continue to sell like hot cakes. And hey, why not? Most of them are quality releases that provide a good amount of entertainment. Game pirates and hackers have noticed this over the years, too, and decided that they wanted a piece of Nintendo's pie. So what do they do? They create (rather shoddy) software of their own and throw in Pikachu and friends or they take forgotten releases of the past and replace the characters with ones from the Pokemon series.

Perhaps the most well-known bootleg is Pokemon: Chaos Black Version, which has been clogging up eBay listings for a couple of years now. According to fans this is basically the same game as Fire Red only with a few new Pokemon, events, and characters.

Others are far worse in quality. In fact, the back of the box for Pokemon Arcoiris Version is a hoot in its self. Here is an example of some of the fantastic grammar provided by the foreign bootleggers:

"The pokemon ARCOIRIS VERSION new games, The region where POKEMON first took root and exploded into into a major phenomenon,and the latest titles stuff in tons of exciting new features".

With a quality description like that, I can only imagine what the game itself plays like...

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the game pictured above in the top left is Pokemon Adventure, which supposedly plays like an old-school Sonic the Hedgehog title - only it stars one of Pikachu's crack babies .

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At 1:58 PM, Blogger FUNNYMAN said...

Piracy for the win!!!


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