Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bubsy: That Evil Cat

There are lots of evil people in this world. I’m afraid that I am now one of them.

Why am I saying this? There is one reason, one simple little answer: Bubsy 3D.

Now, I've played lots of awful games in my day. T.J. Lavin’s Ultimate BMX for the PlayStation scarred me for life, and Drake of the 99 Dragons for the Xbox was a near unplayable mess. Still, as bad as those games were, none of them compare to how awful Bubsy 3D is. Looking around at the cheap pre-owned section at my local EBGames, I thought maybe I should pick up something for my little cousin. I then saw Bubsy 3D. Hey, the original Bubsy game wasn’t so bad in its day. It was a passable Sonic clone that most fans of platformer games would enjoy. So I thought "What the heck" and picked this game up, not knowing how truly bad it was. Before I gave it to my younger cousin, I decided to play it first. I didn't expect it to be that great, but Lord help me, I didn't think it would be this bad either. This game is simply unplayable. You can never tell what you're doing, the A.I. is virtually non-existent, and the whole game is buggy and ugly. This is one of the worst-looking 3D games ever.
You have to wonder what was going through the developers minds as they were creating this. Avoid this game at all costs. I'm an evil person for even thinking I should give this game to my little cousin. No one deserves the horror of playing Bubsy 3D. Not even Bin Laden himself.
Now thats saying alot. The sad thing is, its true.


At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Wedge14 said...

I'll never forget the original Bubsy. I forgot Bubsy 3-d And I am deeply troubled by you making me remember it.


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