Saturday, February 18, 2006

Capcom Unleashes Mutliplayer Goodness on the PSP

The first two Power Stones the ill-fated Dreamcast were two of the most addictive, well-produced multiplayer games of all time. Perfect pick up and play games, you could sit down and play either one for a few minutes or a few hours at a time. It only makes sense that Capcom is releasing both these games in one awesome collection onto the PSP.

Titled ‘Power Stone Collection’, it includes both highly overlooked stones, erm, gems, onto one UMD game disc. Not only that, but both games will include new enchantments, such as the ability to use characters from Power Stone 2 in Power Stone 2. Also, a new camera more fit for the PSP will be another enhancement, and a previously unreleased ‘Bomber Battle’ mini-game will be thrown into the mix as well. Multiplayer action will also play a large role in this version as well. You’ll be able to compete in battles through ad hoc wireless multiplayer using just one copy of the game.

Of course, many would argue that a full-blown Power Stone onto the PSP would be better (including me), but after months of mediocre software and lame UMD movies on the PSP, this should be a time for people who dropped $250 big ones on Sony’s black handheld to rejoice. Power Stone Collection for the PSP is set for a Fall 2006 North American release.

Now, where’s Power Stone DS, Capcom?! The DS’s two screens would make for some exciting and unique battle, and Wi-Fi play would be icing on the cake. Maybe sometime down the road Capcom will consider this, but for now, nothings been announced.


At 8:41 PM, Blogger Ender said...


I always wanted to play Power Stone on the DC, but never got a chance to. My day has come!! :P

This is really great news, for the consumer and for Sony. While the PSP is beautiful and powerful, it's selection is less than great. Actually, it sucks. I've wanted a PSP since I heard about it several years ago. Since it's release, I've watched closely, trying to decide if I could justify the steep price tag. Until now, I couldn't. And even with this news, I am unsure. But the release of Power Stone will surely put me closer to biting the bullet.

Honestly, all it would take to make me a PSP fanboy would be a great RPG for the system. Where is the RPG love, Sony? Geez....

I bought a DS around Christmas time, and I have really enjoyed it. Most of the games are really great, and I love the innovation of the touch screen. A online portable version of Mario Kart is gaming euphoria. I also really enjoyed Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. I'd say that a DS is a worthwhile investment, and I really am interested to see what other games come out for this system.

To Sony: I'll be watching your little handheld baby. You better be good to it, and to me. Then, and only then, will I give you my $250. ;)

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Tomleecee said...

Powerstone on the DC is a cool game, as is Powerstone 2, but there is a lot going on all the time. Sometimes it can get very confusing and you can lose sight of your character on screen...and that's on a big fuck off telly. How the hell are you gonna be able to see what you're doing on a screen the size of a credit card?!


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